Get Ready to Learn


What To Expect

Four hours to learn everything you need to know about investing.


Pre-Class Prep

~30 min

There will be some upfront work so you're ready to launch the day of the course. You'll sign up for an online money management platform and complete a few pre-class exercises.

Course Part #1

~2 hrs

We'll jump right into investing basics: 

  • What is investing?

  • Why do we invest?

  • Where do we invest?

Here, you'll learn about how much cash you need vs. how much you will want to invest. You'll also learn about stocks and bonds, as well as the unique benefits of US tax-advantaged accounts (401K, IRA, 529, HSA). You'll also complete exercises using your very own financials, so it's extremely personalized.


~30 min

Review key items from Part #1 and begin to build your financial plan

Course Part #2

~2 hrs

We'll wrap up your investment learnings with the following sections:

  • How to invest?

  • When to invest?

In this section we'll discuss investment allocations and fund selection. You'll finalize your personal finance plan you've been building, and be provided with a number of tools to help you manage your finances moving forward.

Get a Sneak Peek

Check out some example learnings you'll see in our class